Here are some common questions. If you haven't found the answer you are looking for, feel free to give us a call.

How does the deposit work?

Our security deposit is a flat $500.  Deposits are held until tenant moves out, at which time they are fully refundable assuming the unit is restored to its previous condition (normal wear & tear excepted) and no money is owed. Deposits are not ever applied to a month's rent (i.e. - it is not your first or last month's rent).

What utilities is the tenant responsible for?

The tenant pays City of Ames (electric, water & sewer) and Alliant Energy (gas).  We pay snow removal, lawn care, cable, internet and garbage.

Does it cost extra
to have a pet?

No, one benefit of living here if you have a pet is no deposit or rent is required.

Are there any
restrictions on pets?

Yes, please contact us to verify as certain pets and sizes are restricted. All pets must be on first floor.

Do all properties have ACCESS CODE hallways?

Properties with interior hallway entrances all have locked exterior doors with access codes. This includes Coconino, Fountain View, The Ridge, West View, West Village, and Westport.

How far from campus
are the apartments?

Generally all of our properties are a 5-10 minute bus ride to campus.

Is parking open or assigned within each parking lot?

All of our properties have open parking, this is nice when having people over to your unit. Our lots are large so finding a spot in your unit's parking lot is not an issue.

What is maintenance response time?

Generally, our response time is very quick. With a team of full and part time employees we pride ourselves on responding to our tenants in a timely manner.  With over 900 units, we do have a priority list but I think you will find our desire to keep our apartments nice and well maintained is second to none. During the month of August, the maintenance list is longer than other months, so recognize we are making our way around in order of priority/severity of the issue needing attention.

Do we have an emergency maintenance line?

Yes, we know that things break over night and over the weekend. Call our emergency line (515-290-3405) and we will come fix the problem ASAP.

do we allow grills
at our properties

Yes and no.  Grills are allowed on first floor patios, however they are not allowed on any 2nd and 3rd floor decks.